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Scientific Program

Preliminary list of invited lectures:

Raul Arenal, University of Zaragoza, Spain

Structural and chemical analyses at the atomic scale of carbon nanomaterials

Jan Cami, Western Ontario University, Canada

The hidden life of cosmic fullerenes

Chris Ewels, Institute of Materials, Nantes, France

Forming the void: folding, twisting and collapsing carbon

Dieter Gruen, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Dirac solar cells based on the relativistic quantum electrodynamic properties of graphene

Ken Haenen, Hasselt Univeristy, Belgium

Doping of diamond: Importance for nanodiamond particles and nanocrystalline CVD diamond films

Andrey Knizhnik, Kintech Lab, Russia

Theoretical modeling of structure and properties of detonation nanodiamonds

Cecilia Ménard-Moyon, CNRS, France

Multifunctionalized carbon nanotubes for applications in diagnosis and therapy

Stepan Stehlik, Institute of Physics ASCR, Czech Republic

Smaller than usual: preparation, properties, and size effects in sub-5 nm nanodiamonds

David Tomanek, Michigan State University, USA

Water! Water!

Boris Yakobson, Rice university, USA

1D-carbon nanotubes and 2D-layers synthesis, insights from thermodynamics to kinetics