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Welcome to the Conference

Dear colleagues,

ACNS'2021 as well as the Conference School will be held online.

Abstracts submission is opened in your profile. The deadline for submission is April 20.

We decided to not make a distinction between Oral and Poster presentations during an online conference. Only Invited talks will go in a quite traditional form, of real-time presentation, with questions afterward. All the other presentations will be in a form of five minutes video, which will be available online for about a week before the Сonference. During the Conference, all the participants will be provided with an online room, to discourse their work with interested visitors. Thus we hope to combine the best features of traditional Oral and Poster presentations.

Every participant can provide two Online reports. More information is provided in the Presentations section.


The conference official language is English except the event "Conference School for young scientists" where lectures and online presentations of young scientists will be given in Russian..

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"Advanced Carbon NanoStructures"